About Us

Originally founded in January 2012 as a small Word Press blog, A Gaming Genesis was at the time nothing more than a place for now “Editor In Chief” Andrew Jackson to share random thoughts about gaming, share some of his most fond gaming memories, or the occasional review that he felt didn’t belong on his YouTube channel. Several others have come and gone contributing to the blog as they saw fit, but there has never been a permanent staff, and we always welcome anyone who wants to contribute freelance.

Though currently still in it’s infancy and the site design, layouts, and types of content are not yet final. We hope to make an official “launch” for January 2019 , featuring articles, reviews, impressions, editorials, gaming memories, lists, the occasional news piece, and as a host to the “Remote Control Podcast”. The tagline “A Rebirth of Game Journalism” derived from all of the drama currently involved in game journalism. One of our goals as a site is to not be drawn into such dramatic ploys and click bait style articles. We strive to not flame anyone, or anything- be it a game, studio, or person for any reason, and to present ourselves in a respectable manner and review games based solely on their standalone merits.

Though our journey has already been long, we hope that with our official launch in 2019 (and all of the legacy content from previous iterations and staff) you will be there with us, enjoying video games for what they should be- fun.

Thank you,

A Gaming Genesis Staff


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