Andrew “AJ” Jackson- Editor In Chief

Andrew is a gamer in his mid 20s, living in Southern Ohio and working for a living. He has been playing games almost his entire life, starting with the family NES and SNES, all the way to the current generation. He enjoys all aspects of gaming, all genres, and any time period. He prefers not to be a cynical gamer, instead choosing to have fun and enjoy the hobby. His favorite console of all time is the Sega Dreamcast, and favorite game of all time is Sonic Adventure.

While not gaming, Andrew has a fair number of other passions including music, fronting the bands Then Fall Caesar and Atrillious, composing solo acoustic material, collecting albums and exploring all facets of heavy music. He is also into cars, specifically the Pontiac brand and has a strong sense of a brand loyalty to them owning 1999 Trans Am. He is also a big fan of anime, manga, and Japanese culture in general, and would like to travel to Japan in the future.

Follow him on Youtube- HelsinkiRocksAGF and on twitter/NNID/PSN/IG- @helsinkirocks

Check out his music at- and at

Stay tuned for an Atrillious website, and general “HelsinkiRocks” music website in the future.


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